First Time For Everything

First impressions matter more than people want to admit.

Today is the first time I am blogging my thoughts out into the world.

I should say, it is the first time I am allowing myself to escape my own mind! Hence, first time for everything.

I am a 29-year-old, late bloomer who has just recently moved to Los Angeles, Ca. I consider myself a wanderer by the eye. I could break down the basic outline of where I come from and my “credentials”, but what  is the point in that! I am basic human just like everyone else. I eat. I cry. I pick at the skin on my toes. Ya know? The basics.

BUT seriously.  Details in the story are more important that me ranting on about my own traits.

Let me go in with the yada yada details so you, the reader, can try to understand a small spectrum of my personality.

I am from a small country town. The kind where all your friends date each other. Not a great way to keep friends, by the way.

At the beginning of my young adult hood, my mother passed away suddenly. That was the one true love of my life, and I didn’t even know it, until now.

Trickling through, my father,who is a lost soul could never be there for me. Even if I tried to meet him half way. Mental illness is a serious matter. SCHIZOPHRENIA

My amazing older sister is my power source. She juggles four kids, who oddly all have the same birthdays. (I still think she planned it). No matter what stupid tangent I am following. She still supports me.

I do also have a brother, but what can I say about him? “Not present??”

So in a sense you can say, that I am a little girl at heart. I have to find my way through others. Guidance is greatly appreciated in every aspect of my life!Life is precious and it can be gone in an instant. So here is to a new journey in the city of angels.

It is quite exciting here. Yesterday I asked myself, why is everyone is always in a bad mood?

Then I realized. They are all in each others way.